1969 Chevelle Coupe Sport Seat Covers, Front & Rear

Part#: 43-82829
1969 Chevelle Coupe Sport Seat Covers, Front & Rear

1969 Chevelle Coupe Sport Seat Covers, Front & Rear

Part#: 43-82829


Coupe Sport Seat Covers, Front & Rear

Dk. Green
Lt. Green
Dk. Blue

Chevelle Sport Seat Covers:
1969 Chevelle Sport seat covers features durable vinyl material with extra padded thigh and back bolsters which trasnform and upgrade the style and comfort of your stock 1969 Chevelle bucket seats. Our replacement Chevelle Sport Seat Covers fit all 1969 Chevelle coupe models with bucket seats. Features year specific color options, stitching and pleating patterns.

Product Details:
Our 1969 Chevelle Sport Seat upholstery features vinyl sides, & seating areas. All Chevelle Seat upholstery is made from OE Patterns using the finest quality materials available. TMI Products only uses synthetic backed vinyls on all of their Chevelle seat covers which will not deteriorate like other organic, cotton backed vinyl out on the market.


The colors listed above are year specific and are the closest available to the factory colors.

All Chevelle Sport Seat covers are covered by TMI's Factory Lifetime Warranty.

Covers both front bucket seats & the rear seat.

Why TMI Upholstery?

All TMI products feature EXACT and AUTHENTIC colors, which makes matching OEM or TMI colors easy and accurate. Plus, future additions blend in perfectly. Some brands always seem to be a shade different even when you think you’re buying the right color. Mismatched colors look cheap and not very professional, why settle for “close” when you can have EXACT from TMI?

The piping also known as welt on seats and door panels can be made two ways, Extruded or Wrapped. TMI’s Extruded method products piping made of solid color that is 23 times thicker than a vinyl wrapped cord. No matter how much wear you give Extruded Piping, it never shows the cord or white string like wrapped cord will show.

Why TMI Vinyl?

TMI uses the thickest vinyl Period! Some of the vinyl used by “other” Camaro Seat cover, Door Panel and Visor manufacturers are made with a vinyl film. All TMI Products feature thick expanded vinyl with knitted cross-linked backing simply put, it looks new longer holds up to wear and tear, cleans up easy, and holds its original shape.

Why We Are Proud to Offer TMI?

TMI Logo TMI makes high-quality interior automotive components such as seating, interior consoles, floor coverings, door panels, convertible roof assemblies, headliners, sun visors, and integrated electronic systems. For more than 25 years TMI Products, Inc. has specialized in developing high quality interior components for new premier models as well as restoration vehicles.

TMI is one of the largest manufacturers of custom, contract, and original automotive interiors for the complete line of Camaro, Chevelle, Mustang, and Volkswagen interior parts. TMI has consistently expanded its facilities, setting the pace for the industry and effectively serving the increasing needs of both established and new customers. This has solidified TMI’s position as an Industry Leader.

TMI has developed the process for matching interior components to the original OEM manufacturing specifications. TMI’s team of design specialists examine the OEM fabric and stitching to ensure duplication is authentic and meets or exceeds all Safety requirements. All leather, vinyl, and fabrics are manufactured to the Original OEM specifications to achieve long-life durability and a look that matches its natural wear.

At the heart of TMI’s operation is committed to craftsmanship, safety, innovative design and integrated automotive products to meet our customer’s needs. TMI is constantly looking at emerging product opportunities to provide the industry with the next generation of products to serve their customer’s needs.